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My School Bus Monitor

What is My School Bus Monitor?

MSBM is a free service provided to carriers to help communicate any school bus delays to parents and schools.

The bus was late, but there was no delay on the website?

Your child's carrier is responsible for updating the website. When the carrier is aware of a delay, someone from the carrier logs into the website and posts the delay. If the carrier is not diligent, then the service is not effective. Please notify your carrier or the school board if you feel the site is not updated in a timely manner.

Why doesn't my child's school show up?

We have given carriers the ability to add their routes to the system to make it easier for the carriers to post delays. A school only shows up if the carrier has created a route for that school. If your child's carrier is actively using MSBM and your child's school does not show up, the carrier has not created a route for that school.

How often is the site updated?

Anytime a carrier posts a delay, the website is immediately updated.

How long do the posted delays remain on the site?

It depends on what option the carrier selected. Carriers have three options when posting delays: Morning, Afternoon, or All Day. All the morning delays are posted until 10:30 am MST. Any delays marked as "Afternoon" or "All Day" show up until the end of the day.